True Friend

There were once three beautiful butterflies in the garden. One was pink, one was blue, and the third one orange. Every day the three were dancing and playing together in the garden, and they were good friends. One day, they were playing in the garden again, and suddenly it began to rain. They flew to pink flowers for shelter. ‘Pink flowers, we were caught in heavy rain, are wet and we are so cold, please let us stay under your petal?’ The pink flower replied, ‘that you have the same color as me, so you can come in, not others.’ The butterflies said together, ‘we are good friends and we will never part. We came together and we’ll leave together.’ Then, as it was raining harder, the butterflies flew towards the blue flower. The blue flower said to the blue butterfly, ‘you have the same color as me, and you can stay, but the others can’t.’ ‘We will never part; we came together and will leave together.’ They could not find shelter from the rain, but none wanted to leave their friends. The sun rose. It was sunny again, and the butterflies dried their wings. They played happily again.


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